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Curbed Reader Comment Round-Up

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The best posts usually originate in our comments. To give appreciation to our amazing (and sometimes angry) commenters we feature their broad strokes of wisdom in a tidy comment roundup.

1) New Dodger Stadium To Fans: Come Year Round!: As noted elsewhere... McCourt can claim this is a green development only insofar as he is not ripping the whole thing down and building new (in Chavez Ravine or elsewhere). But he has to deal with no urban infrastructure here -- this was Dodger Stadium's original sin (that and bulldozing the barrio). So, he says, let's bring the mountain to Mohammed (is this too many metaphors?) and build a city right next to the stadium... starting with a bunch of restaurants. Don't forget McCourt made his millions on parking lots." [DZINEOCRAT]

2) Americana At Brand Has Blog: Not to get off topic here, but the TAAB blog, just released an update on the proper way to hail a "soda host" when you visit.... "...Forget standing in line for a drink, just look around for a little red bicycle and hail a soda host who will quench your thirst in a jiffy! Dressed in a classic 1950s look in crisp white with the recognizable “peaked” white hat and red tie, the soda hosts add another element of American culture to the rich environment at TAAB." ... So you see, its not just about bricks and mortar or architectural statements, its also about adding "streetmosphere"... on a hot summer Glendale day, I'll be looking for the "soda host" riding that little red bicycle, smiling as he is ready to quench my thirst. Thanks "soda host", and have a magical day...

3) Broker BlogWrap: Lessons on Dating, Foreclosing, and Staying Calm: The Westside is like the top deck of the Titanic. It may be the last to sink, but sink it will.

Dodger Stadium

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The Americana at Brand

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