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Dining! Shopping! Your New Dodger Stadium

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Dodger Stadium is already in the midst of a multi-millionaire dollar renovation, but now comes word that owner Frank McCourt is planning a $500 million upgrade that would bring restaurants, shops, club offices, a Dodgers museum, two parking garages, and what's being called a ring of greenery or a "campus setting," to help with the traffic clusternut around the stadium. Via the Times: "The McCourts' letter did not detail the renovations, but the plan would enact a vision Frank McCourt outlined when he bought the team in 2004 -- to transform at least part of the parking lot into an area offering dining and shopping for fans who arrive early and stay late, avoiding pregame and postgame traffic. The Dodgers would generate additional revenue as well, not only on game days but from year-round use of the new facilities. The Dodgers briefed civic leaders and community groups this week on the project, targeted for completion in 2012."
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