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New Dodgers Stadium: Great, But How About Some Buses?

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Sure, this morning's press conference about the stadium renovation saw some notable former Dodgers (Tommy LaSorda, Rick Monday) join Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, City Council President Eric Garcetti, and Dodgers owner Frank McCourt (pictured right) to talk up the $500 million project. Let's cut to the chase: What about public transportation to the stadium? While one bus lane is proposed by McCourt, there are currently no public buses adequately serving the stadium, so he was pressed on the issue, telling one reporter conversations were ongoing "to bring a bus line to Dodger stadium in the interim....and those conversations could lead to more significant transit options." Additionally, a KFWB reporter asked the Dodgers owner about a subway stop: "You've only got about two miles off either the Gold and/Red Line, you could build spurs here pretty quickly." McCourt: "I believe we could with the proper cooperation.. I have invited elected officials and everyone at the state level to engage with us in a conversation about public transportation, we are committed to it...I have invited them to use this significant private investment as a catalyst for making public transportation happen." Tram, McCourt, Tram? More scenes from the press conference in the gallery.
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