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Feds Offer Los Angeles $213 Million For Toll Lanes

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New York's loss really may be LA's gain. After the Big Apple's plan for congestion pricing—charging certain freeway drivers—went down in flames, the U.S. Dept. of Transportation turned its eyes toward LA, which wants toll lanes on stretches of the 10, 110, and 210. According to the LA Times, $213 million has been offered to LA, now city and county transpo officials would have to agree to convert carpool lanes into toll lanes that anyone could drive on—at a cost. In the proposed deal, the federal money would go toward the purchase of about 60 high-volume buses that would use the toll lanes. Officials hope enough people use the buses and the tolls clear enough space in the carpool lanes for traffic to remain at 45 mph or more at all times. Um, maybe in 1958.
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