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Rumblings & Bumblings Answers: Downtown Jail, 2121 Lofts Gossip, Sherman Oaks' Fashion Square

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And now the answers to Tuesday's Rumblings & Bumblings questions. Got a question for next week? Email us.

[The proposed dog park at 2121 Lofts. But was it ever built?]

1. Downtown: Reader Brady Westwater has news about the new jail on Los Angeles Street. It's not a jail, he says, but it certainly isn't a good time. "The 'new jail' by Parker Center (replacing the one now in Parker Center) is just for people being held before and after trials, court appearances, etc.; short term hold cells as opposed to jails where prisoners serve their sentences. Oh, and the new jail by Parker Center was a parking lot and a lawn area before construction."

2. Downtown: In regards to questions about 2121 Lofts and not being able to get in touch with the sales people. Well, some damning comments about the building were left on the site and then sales agent Barbara from the building wrote this: "2121 Sales Office is open Friday, Sat, Sun and Mondays from 11AM to 6PM. Other days, we request appointments. For all inquiries and tours, we ask you to call us at 877-280-2121, or email us at" We reported on the planned dog park at 2121 last September, but did it ever happen? Hope so. Oooh, that cool water feels good on your back, doesn't it, little pug.

3. Sherman Oaks: Yes, what is going on with the Westfield Sherman Oaks remodel. Reader Ham writes: "They're doing an EIR on the Westfield Sherman Oaks remodel. You can see the NOP for this project on the City Planning Department website under "Environmental" and then "Notice of Preparation and Public Scoping Meetings." Meanwhile, look for more coverage on our sister site Racked.
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