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CurbedWire: Big Bloodbath at Frank Gehry Partners?

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LOS ANGELES: Ouch. What's going at architect Frank Gehry's office? A reader writes of a possible bloodbath at the firm, which is behind downtown's Grand Avenue project, among other developments. He writes: "I've been getting calls, emails and texts all day about some huge firing spree at Gehry's office. Rumor has it, they started late last week (maybe Friday), and have now ballooned to as many as 80 people. Supposedly, no notice was given, and the servers were locked until all of the fired departed. If this is true, it's bad news for all of us working in LA offices, as the market is about to be flooded by desperate model monkeys used to being abused by their employers." Another Curbed source confirms that he, too, has heard about firings. But are these firings or layoffs? Because there's a difference. UPDATE: Los Angeles Times is reporting that 23 people were laid off at the "Venice office in response to the delay in the giant Atlantic Yards project in New York and the slowing economy." UPDATE: Curbed's original tipster clarifies the 80 figure: "I heard that the first round of firings was 30-40. Later, I started hearing that another 40 were supposedly on the block. I'm not sure if these have been let go yet, or if the second round is still pending- and there is the possibility it's an inflated number generated by panic in the office." [Curbed InBox]