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Locals Push To Save Fletcher Drive From Gangs

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"Glassell Park and Atwater Village exist today as a rather eclectic mix of families... with multi-generational roots in the area, working class immigrants from Mexico, the Philippines and the Armenian diaspora, and a growing infusion of young urban professionals. And there is another variety of family. Gangs are commonly depicted as recruiting from among local youth, and that image has truth. But there are also local youth who are born into Avenues or Toonerville families, with some gang families now comprised of three and even four generations. " That's an excerpt from an Arroyo Seco Journal cover story on efforts to re-make Fletcher Drive, which runs through Atwater Village and Glassell Park, and is home to the gang-ridden Drew Estara neighborhood (photo of intersection pictured). According to the magazine, there's been a range of efforts made in the area from asking businesses to lower their bushes so drug dealing can't be concealed to getting public telephones removed (also to hamper drug dealing), to implementing the forthcoming River Revitalization plan and the Streetscape Redesign plans.

And about that streetscape design, via the magazine: "Mitch O’Farrell of Council President Eric Garcetti’s office told participants at one of several community meetings on the plan that nothing like it has ever been done for the area before. The plan outlines steps that would serve to make the boulevards safer and walkable through improvements such as turn lanes, well-defined pedestrian crossings, medians and better lighting. It also seeks to establish a visual identity for the neighborhoods through plants, paving and other imagery reflective of river communities." Funding for the program still has to be implemented and a final report on the streetscape plan will be released soon.
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