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CurbedWire: Title Guarantee's Latest Art, Downtown Scavenger Hunt

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DOWNTOWN: According to their press release, Phantom Galleries LA is an organization that transforms properties in transition into 24/7 public art galleries. Here's rental building Title Guarantee at 5th and Hill, where Phantom Galleries has been exhibiting and work by Renee Petropoulos. "There is a long ball attached to a string." The show opened yesterday and runs till June 30th. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Scavenger hunt time!. "Hidden in Downtown Los Angeles is great art & architecture that is full of history. Bring your friends for a scavenger hunt that leads to these gems & challenges your wit to solve the tricky clues." It takes place both May 3rd and May 4th, more info via event page Experience LA. [Curbed InBox]