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Rumblings & Bumblings: Downtown Jail, 2121 Lofts, Sherman Oaks' Fashion Square

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Put on your thinking caps. Three questions have been submitted for this week's Rumblings & Bumblings. If you have an answer, you may leave a comment or you can email us at Answers shall be posted this Thursday.

1.) DOWNTOWN: Well, we know it's called the Metropolitan Detention Center, for starters. Sending in a photo showing construction, a reader writes: "Whats the deal with the jail being built downtown on Los Angeles street? Who will it keep there and what was there before?" Yes, who will it keep there?

2. DOWNTOWN: Last time we heard about 2121 Lofts, it was in conjunction with a TV show. A reader demands answers: "I tried calling 2121 Lofts a couple of times over the weekend but there was no answer. I haven't read much about 2121 on Curbed lately. Do you know what's happening with that project?"

3. SHERMAN OAKS: Let's head to the Valley for this one. "I wanted to find out if you have any info on whats happening with the Westfields plan to remodel Fashion Square more in Sherman Oaks."
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