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Broker BlogWrap: Lessons on Dating, Foreclosing, and Staying Calm

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It's another edition of our irregularly scheduled look inside the blogs of our realtor friends. If you're a SoCal Realtor with a blog we should be reading, drop us a line.

[Another foreclosure heat map, via Thanks to LA Frog]

1) It's Good to Be On The Westside: Christopher Hain looks at the data and notes we've still got some rough patches ahead. Certain areas, like the Westside - "where housing prices have held most of their ground, where there’s still a relatively low supply, and there’s still decent demand" - seem to be doing better than most, though. [Terra Firma LA]

2) Never Date a Sub-700! Phyllis Harb says the new way to red line relationships is through FICO scores. Meet someone wealthy, well-rounded and attractive. It doesn't mean squat if their FICO score is low. "Instead of astrological signs and occupations, this year "single's banter" continues to be FICO’s; because no one wants to get dragged down by someone else's low score!" [LAREB]

3) Tracking the Storm: Cheryl of Bob Taylor Properties informs us that she's started a foreclosure tracking web site for properties in Northeast LA. "I plan to start adding some individual case studies soon.... what a particular property originally sold for, when it went to trustee sale, [and] what it was resold for as an REO." [LA Foreclosure]