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ConstructionWatch: Brockman Sales Office Opening in June

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The sales office for the prettiest downtown building of them all--The Brockman---will open in June on the building's 11th floor, the sales manager for the project tells Curbed. Located at 530 W. Seventh, the 1921 Beaux Arts building is the latest downtown adaptive re-use project to come to market, offering 80 units ranging from 780-2,100 square feet. Prices will start in the low 400,000s for the units, while one unit will be available in the $300,000s. And prices top out at $1.2 million. There's a gym on the rooftop of the Annex building, the smaller, adjoining building, while there will also be two "spas." The gym's entrance and spas--and details of the building's exterior-- can be seen in the gallery. Those windows are lovely, but may not be for everyone.
· Curbed Wire: Downtown's Brockman Shows Leg, Solair's Planned Retail [Curbed LA]

Brockman Lofts

530 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles, CA