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CurbedWire: Griffith Park Fire Photos, Solair Selling, Gardens at Wilshire Leasing

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GLASSELL PARK: On May 3rd, gallery Drkrm presents "Aftermath: The Griffith Park Fire," a collection of photos by Colin Remas Brown. Via the web site: "During the fire, worries about damage to our neighbor’s homes and the possible destruction of such landmarks as the Griffith Observatory trumped all other concerns." The show looks at how the May 8th fire affected native wildlife. And the answer is: Not so well! This is one of the less upsetting images. Colin Remas Brown via [Curbed InBox]

KOREATOWN: A reader writes: "The Solair Wilshire now has a sign that says "1/3 sold," which would make it about twice as occupied as The Mercury." Assuming the sign is on the building? The same reader notes a bare bones web site is now up for the Gardens at Wilshire Center, the new rental building on Wilshire. As previously noted, pre-leasing starts next month and rents will range from $1,625-$3,275. [Curbed InBox]