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Sunnynook Park Makeover for LA River's Glendale Narrows

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That slightly more lush-looking stretch of the Los Angeles River -- the soil-bottomed area from Griffith Park to the Glendale/Hyperion bridge -- is eligible for a makeover under the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan. The Glendale Narrows, as it's called, already sports a smooth 2-lane bike path, a couple of heavily tagged pedestrian bridges connecting Griffith Park to Atwater Village, and a greenspace for homeless camping and/or tai chi practice. What will the unspecified, un-budgeted future bring? Better walkways along the east bank, improved access under the bridge, and integration with the Red Car "pocket" park and mural. And hopefully someone to keep an eye on the garbage.

· Sunnynook River Park Project [Friends of Atwater Village]