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Downtown's Nokia Theater: A Booking Success, But Now What?

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While today's Los Angeles Times considers the new Nokia Theater's success in booking award shows Emmys and the ESPYs, and the "American Idol" finale, the paper trots out the same old question: Big downtown venues are fine and all, but are there enough restaurants, nightlife, and activities to keep people in downtown before and after the show? "...Most of the studies tend to show that people come, go to the event and then leave," Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, chairwoman of the urban planning department at UCLA, tells the paper. A question not asked in the story, but worth pondering: Is it possible to have viable entertainment district without the sports bars, TGIF-like chains, and kid-orientated video arcades? Just so we can know what to expect next in this district.
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