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ListingsWire: Silver Lake Spanish Home, Venice Prefab Cut, Aussie TV, More

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Each week, ListingsWire mentions notable movements on the MLS: New listings, price chops, flips, and more. Spy movement? Email us.

SILVER LAKE: This two-bedroom, one bath listing caught our eye. Interesting back story? "This Classic Spanish home was moved from Beverly Hills to Silverlake in 1956. Seller is 2nd owner since move." It's located at 1471 N Occidental Boulevard and is listed at $675,000. UPDATE: A reader points out it sold for $160,000 in Sept. 2000.
-- [Redfin]

VENICE: Designer Jennifer Siegal’s widely published prefab prototype, the OMD ShowHouse, originally priced at $295,000 just last month, gets chopped. It's now down to $259,000. For those who forgot: A visual reminder and a refresher via the press release, it's "clad in metal siding and translucent polycarbonate panels [and] this compact assemblage of form and function features high sloping ceilings, Boffi kitchen and bath, European fxtures, iPort sound system and a variety of sustainable floor and wall materials." [InBox]

SILVER LAKE: Bragging rights! From a listing for a two-bedroom, two-bath condo at 2018 Griffith Park Boulevard that's listed for $549,000: "Minutes from Sunset Junction's trendy shops & restaurants. This stunning and elegant home was featured on Australian TV's "The Great Outdoors." Is that an Australian soap opera or a show about Griffith Park? [Redfin]

SANTA MONICA: If you have an extra $17 million to spend, you may want to stop by Villa Adelaide, a seven-bedroom, ten-bath "Spanish Colonial estate" that "incorporates design elements of the 19th & 20th Century California architecture...."Outdoor fireplace, verandas & 2 BBQ areas all surrounded by mature trees." Yes, you get mature trees. The whole estate is quite a thing to look at. [Redfin]