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CurbedWire: Pasadena Art Installation, House Portrait Trend

PASADENA: The above is part of "The Long Weekend," an installation and performance staged last weekend by Phantom Galleries LA in Pasadena on Colorado Boulevard. It looks like dozens of different artists including these sign twirlers, performed in the space. More via the Flickr gallery set. [Picture/text via Flickr user Phantom Galleries USA]

LOS ANGELES: More of that house portrait trend, i.e., hiring a high-end photographer to shoot your own home. It's purely a vanity project, but hey, if you can afford it. And it could help when it's time to sell. Via the Chicago Tribune: "George Penner of Deasy/Penner & Partners, a boutique real estate firm in Beverly Hills, Calif., has observed that potential buyers are often more impressed of late at seeing a house's portrait on the wall than in a magazine. "It gives the house cachet," Penner said, "and may even give it an edge in the market." [Chicago Tribune]