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Big Red Cup Bust At Downtown's 1100 Wilshire

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With a new security detail at 1100 Wilshire, the famous pool party scene (that shot above is from last summer) may be in jeopardy. Via the InBox: "The new security team at 1100 has cracked down. Last night a homeowner hosted a USC "club meeting" and exceeded the pool deck's limit per the HOA rules. About 80 people were there--I hear they reserved the private bbq area, but it has a 40-something limit. Within 30 mins of a homeowner calling the front desk to complain about the noise, the pool deck was cleared, down to every last red cup.

The looks on the students faces were priceless as the homeowner security committee representatives and guards told them "You are in violation of the building rules and must clear the deck within 30 mins or the police would be called". Alcohol can't be served on the deck without an insurance rider. You can drink on the deck, but can't serve from the deck without insurance, and minors can never drink on the deck. So, with all the underage drinking the students made the smart choice and left without incident. They even cleaned up."
· 1100 Wilshire's Poolside Scene [Curbed LA]

1100 Wilshire

1100 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA