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EaterTastings: Father's Office Tease, Pinkberry Legit, Cameras in Beverly Hills

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

CULVER CITY: Hip, hip, hooray! It's Friday, let's drink. And the new Father's Office is not open yet (the word is "soon"), but here's a report from the preview party: "Seeing as this is one highly anticipated not-a-restaurant-it's-a-bar debut, we expected a bigger crowd. It was really just right, though. The beer geeks were out in droves, some chef/celebrity spottings; no one got out of hand, but there was some bad party etiquette around the food tables. But that burger turns people. " And so much more to report. UPDATED.

LOS ANGELES: Just a mere three years after drowning the city in a sea of sweet tangy strangeness, Pinkberry will now and forever more be known as "frozen yogurt. The National Yogurt Association has given Pinkberry its "live and active culture seal of approval."

BEVERLY HILLS: Gossip web site/TV show TMZ and its cameras like to show up for the "live lunch feed" to try and catch celebrities grazing on salads, but now restaurants are increasingly getting fed up with the cameras and paparazzi. The Ivy isn't keeping quiet: "I find it abhorrent and an invasion of privacy," said Richard Irving, co-founder of restaurant.