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CurbedWire: 717 Olympic Leasing, Westwood Building Sold, Keenen Ivory Wayans!

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DOWNTOWN: Old friend 717 Olympic is now leasing. An email sent out today notes "pre-leasing for summer move-ins is now available," while the downtown rental building also has a fancy new web site. Developer Hanover Company is also behind the Viridian, a rental on the Miracle Mile that'll debut in June 2008 (and is mentioned in the same email). Both buildings look to have used some of the same photos for the apartment interiors. [Curbed InBox]

WESTWOOD: A 27-unit building at 10777 Wilshire Boulevard that's being designed by Philippe Starck has been sold. Marc Bohbot, Founder and CEO of the Standard Oil Investment Group announced the acquisition of the building, according to the release, while construction on the .60 acre site is slated to start in late 2008. Our previous coverage and the Starck-designed kooky rendering can be found here. [PR Newswire]

DOWNTOWN: The Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative's Sixth Annual Community Forum will take place on May 15 at the USC Davidson Conference Center on S. Figueroa Street. The keynote speaker will be Keenen Ivory Wayans, described as a "film director and entrepreneur," while Councilwoman Jan Perry will deliver the Welcome Address. What's the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, you ask? Known as LANI, it's "a non-profit organization established in 1994 [that seeks] to restore a sense of community ownership and identity to neighborhood main streets located along transportation corridors. This ground-breaking program, now replicated across the City and nation, is based on unprecedented community decision-making and public-private partnerships." [Curbed Inbox]