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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: A Vacant Lot for Signs, That Darn Antenna, and Chinatown's Gateway

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Three questions have been submitted for this week's Rumblings & Bumblings and you tried answering. If you have another answer, or a new question, you can email us at Digital pics welcome!

[A mysterious backyard antenna near the intersection of Willoughby and Laurel. Seen from above by LiveLocal; lot view from ZIMAS; and as seen from Google StreetView from Crescent Heights]]

1) Mid-City West: This question sparked intense debate about HPOZs, candle stores, and autobody repair shops. But the empty lot shall have neither of those two fates. Commenter JBR uncovers the lot's future as home to five temporary signs over the fence surrounding the lot.

2) WeHo Adjacent: We tracked down the exact location of the antenna (see above). It appears to be attached to some sort of guest house (mad scientist laboratory) in somebody's back yard. We're unsure what it's actually used for. Maybe they really do need it to watch Dr. Phil.

3) Chinatown: Other renderings and a site plan for the Chinatown Gateway project can be seen on the web site of Thomas P. Cox architects. It's identified as a 280 unit, for-sale mixed use project. The city documents online show that the project was approved in late 2006, was appealed over an insufficient environmental review and lack of design compatibility with other buildings in Chinatown, but that appeal was denied in January of 2007. The Downtown Center Business Improvement District identifies the fourth quarter of 2010 as the completion target date. Cross your fingers.