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Proposed 747 Area Code May Be Driving Out Locals

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Remember John Zachman? He was the Glendale resident upset about the potential new 747 area code within the 818 region in the Valley. Like many residents, Zachman didn't want to lose his sense of identity with the area code change. "I belong to the 818 community, if you will," Zachman, 35, said at a Glendale City Hall meeting last October. "All my friends know me as the 818 community." Zachman was also mentioned in this Glendale News Press story about the area code change. And he was mentioned in the official city report on that October meeting. Well, today, the Daily News reported the new 747 area code be approved as early as next week, but would only be assigned to new numbers, rather than existing numbers as one plan had proposed. Wanting to give Zachman the good news, we attempted to track him down. A cursory Google search landed him as working at Acura of Glendale. "John moved to Colorado six months ago," the woman who answered the phone at Acura told us. "This was a John Zachman who was about 35?" "I guess, maybe 30." Who knows if this is same guy. But if it is, someone tell him he can come home now!
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