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Reseda Gets a Revival Thanks to CIM

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Developer CIM Group has agreed to renovate the abandoned Reseda Theater. CIM has entered into an agreement with the Community Redevelopment Agency to renovate the theater for $8.7 million. The theater will now be host to "community-oriented entertainment." What does that mean? Apparently the goal is to have entertainment acts that cater to the largely ethnic population of the neighborhood. According to CIM, "the intent is to have a Latino band playing there one day, a Persian band the next day, and the day after that, a little rock band can come in and play." Reseda is hoping it will one day have the Canoga Effect, a term we just made up to describe the revitalization Canoga Park experienced ten years ago when the Madrid Theater was restored. The Reseda theater was badly damaged in the Northridge quake, so the goal is to restore the marquee, put a small restaurant in the front and have the theater in the back. [Image of Reseda Theater by Lotta Living host Chris Nichols]
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