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CurbedWire: El Dorado Construction, Culver City's Entrada Shaved?

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DOWNTOWN: Arguably downtown's best-looking building, El Dorado saw its fine exterior swathed in dark tarp a few weeks ago (this shot was taken over the winter), but a reader wants to know if the tarp has been removed. Not certain. Last information we had: Completion date was scheduled for fall 2008, and the 1913 building will offer 65 units. Also the official web site now is saying sales are available by appointment. [Curbed Inbox]

CULVER CITY: A curious reader writes: "What happened at the Culver City City Council meeting two nights ago on the Entrada project? After reading this over-the-top story, I still don’t know." Wow, that's a nutty story. Possible key passage: "In the process, he upstaged more than 100 residents who spoke out emotionally, 99 percent of them against Entrada. Practically buried in the rubble of Mr. Silbiger’s scene-stealing climax, the developers agreed to shave their office tower in the Radisson Hotel parking lot from 13 stories to 12, and from an objectionable 220 feet tall to a presumably palatable 190 feet..." As Curbed readers will recall, the Entrada is an ice cubed-shaped office tower planned for the intersection of Centinela and Sepulveda. But is that the final word, a shorter Entrada? Unclear. [Curbed Inbox]

El Dorado Lofts

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