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Denied Dream House, Duarte Family May Sue City

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Yet another case that highlights the ongoing battle between homeowners and city officials over home height limits: After spending $100,000 on architectural plans, Duarte resident Pam Gomez may sue the city after being denied her proposed 24-foot high, 4,271-square-foot home on High Mesa Drive. According to the San Gabriel Tribune, houses in this area are restricted to 18 feet in height, but homeowners can build 25 foot tall homes on approval. And larger homes do get approved, such as two-story homes that are below grade and look smaller than they actually are. Even though Gomez's plans were approved by the Planning Commission in February, the City Council decided to veto the plans after deciding the home would basically be intrusive on other properties, according to the paper. The Gomez's lawyer believes the family has a solid case against the city. [Dramatization: Not an actual photo of the Gomez home.]
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