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Ask Curbed: Help Me Find A Beach House

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A query from a sweaty reader looking to escape the heat this summer: "Dear Curbed: During the heat wave this past weekend, I thought about subleasing my Hollywood rental...and blowing some money on a beach house for two weeks or a month this summer. Here's the thing: I'm a LA newbie and I don't understand your summer house ways. I know I can't afford Santa Monica or Malibu, but can your readers direct me to a mellow town/city/county where I could get a small place near the beach, an area where I could work during the day (I work from home). Do I head north or south on the coastline and how far away from LA do I have to go? Preferably, I'd like to remain within two hours of Los Angeles in case I have meetings. And can I be more demanding and say I'd like to avoid the college crowd and that scene. Is finding a quieter beach town possible or is the heat making me deluded?"
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