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CurbedWire: Eco-Village Housing, Chapman Lofts Developer Responds

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ECO-VILLAGE: If you're a fan of the Eco-Village (pictured) on Bimini Place near Beverly and Vermont, you'll want to know that there was a meeting tonight at Virgil Middle School Auditorium. Eco-Village residents and their supporters planned to present an alternative to the parking lot (!) that the LAUSD wants to put next to the village. LA Streetsblog reports that E-V co-founder Lois Arkin has a counter proposal for the LAUSD that includes a five phased, $25 million project that would convert the parking-lot land into an educational center with car-free housing, and green-related retail businesses nearby. A bit more appropriate, no? [LA Streetsblog]

DOWNTOWN: Curbed caught up with Mark Farzan, manager at Broadway and 8th Investment, the developer of Chapman Lofts, which is currently undergoing re-appraisals. Farzan addressed yesterday's talk about the situation of bank reappraisals, saying: "The fact is that not all the appraisals are coming in lower. But some are yes, and some are coming in substantially lower....And obviously we can’t lower the price of our units. We expect the buyer to honor the purchase price, but realize the buyers many not have the funds?.If people expect us to drop the prices, we can’t drop them because we have our own obligations. But we are trying to be understanding and work with buyers." Hope it all works out.