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New To Market: Granny's Hollywood Bungalow

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When we first laid eyes on this Hollywood bungalow, we thought we'd found a perfect candidate for our semi-regular feature, That's Rather Hideous. But then we looked closer and were sort of charmed by the completely un-ironic, totally authentic retro vibe. The piano, the wallpaper, the striped slipcovered armchair! The house veers towards hideousness, takes a left turn and circles all the way back to awesomeness. We may not want to live there, but we do want to visit grandma and grandpa, gather around the hearth to talk about the Depression, and maybe watch black and white TV together. This is the first time the 1913 bungalow at 1525 N Sierra Bonita Avenue has been on the market in 30 years. Or 50 years, according to the listing.Asking price: $949,000.
· 1525 N Sierra Bonita Ave [Redfin]