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Reader Report: Downtown's Rowan Lofts

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Adaptive re-use project Rowan Lofts was on this past weekend's Downtown Housing Tour (70 people on two buses, 7 properties were viewed), a tour geared towards prospective buyers. A reader gives us a dispatch on Rowan Lofts: "Really loved this building. Walk into the marble lobby--you'll notice all of the restored architectural details, wood moldings, elevator pads, marble floors. It's what a lobby should be - an oasis from the street, a transitional corridor from cave/home to the street and outside world." Interior shots can be seen here.

"The unit we saw was a "one bedroom/loft" with 4 maybe 6 street facing windows, with original mahogany wood frames. These windows were gorgeous enough to take home and hang on the wall even without a view. Incidentally this view was of one of downtown's only tree lined streets. The floor plan was ample, although smaller in square footage than others we had seen on the tour, and exposures were only on one side The central hallway was wide, tall and lit with natural light, walking through it felt elegant and hopeful. The Rowan doesn't have a pool and I didn't see the parking or laundry facilities. Prices were lower than other comparable units but the square footage was smaller. You also have the Mills/Tax benefit where you pay less property tax."
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Rowan Lofts

460 S. Spring St. , Los Angeles, CA Visit Website