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Ask Curbed: A Private Park-Like Space Where Friends Can Drink?

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Since sipping wine and doing keg stands in public parks and on the beach seems to be illegal, an urban planning student is looking for an outdoor space, like a park, where you can party and get your drink on. For those without a readily accessible back yard it seems like a good question.

"I recognize that this isn't exactly an advice blog, but I'm in need of some ideas and I think your readers will offer among the best of them. I'm a graduate student about to graduate (with a master's in urban planning, mind you!) and am hoping to take advantage of the Southern California weather one last time with an outdoor party. I was hoping to find some park or other public space, with a pavilion or picnic tables, that allows parties and even perhaps where beers can be consumed legally (or inconspicuously). It also has to be a fairly cheap place, given that I'm still jobless. Any ideas?" · Ask Curbed: Downtown Furnished Rental for $3,000 [Curbed LA]