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On The Market: Historic Victorian In West Adams

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A reader writes: "The Elegant Manor" on Adams Boulevard is on the market. It is an Italian Gothic (i.e. f'ing cool) mansion circa 1903. The architect is J.C. Newsom. Historical cultural monument. Huge clinker brick chimney. Original carriage House in back. On a triple lot. And next door to the Fisher's house on 'Six Feet Under.' It is in complete disrepair and therefore needs a complete renovation. Probably have to put about a million into it, but if you had the moola to do it, it would be sooo amazing!!!" The details of the house are incredible--both a cellar and attic, an octagonal sunken den with fireplace and vaulted ceilings, and it once had an inglenook. We hope whoever buys and restores this home replaces the inglenook. Bring back the inglenook, we say! Historic Cultural Monument #258 (aka the Fitzgerald House) is located in West Adams Terrace HPOZ at 3115 West Adams Blvd. Asking price: $1.9 million.
· 3115 W Adams Blvd [Jim Weber Realty]