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Curbed National: Coney Island Plaza, Inside the New Yankee Stadium, SoMa's Millenium Tower

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Curbed National is our weekly look at architecture and design happenings in other Curbed cities as reported by our sister blogs, Curbed NYC and Curbed SF.

1) New York: Coney Island, home to hot dogs and that awesome old roller coaster, is getting a new plaza that is estimated to cost "triple the cost for the average city project." Despite the happy rendering, people are kvetching about the $4 million price tag.

2) New York: Construction on Yankee Stadium #2 is plugging right along. Curbed NY posts an amazing photogallery from inside the belly of the beast. New York responds: "They'll still suck. Anyone who buys into this bullshit is an idiot. A-Rod sucks." [photogallery]

3) San Francisco: A crowning achievement as the Millenium Tower gets topped off. Fans of glass facades rejoice.