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Protesters Picket Illegal "Super Graphic" Ad in West LA

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Another week, another story about illegal signs around our city: The above is an illegal "super graphic" on Pico Blvd and Overland Ave in West L.A. Yesterday, protesters came out to the intersection, carrying "Shame On Gap" signs, reports today's LA Times.

According to the Los Angeles Times, companies that are putting up these so-called super graphics insist that it's a freedom of speech issue and that "leaders are discriminating against them by forbidding supergraphics in some areas while allowing them in others, such as Hollywood." In the case of Gap, a lawyer for the company told the paper that Gap is "contesting the city ban in federal court, arguing that it violates free speech."

And what one commenter says about the Times story via their blog: "You all need to lighten up. They're just signs for god's sake! If the architecture was worth anything, they wouldn't cover it up. Besides, there is some architecture that serves as nothing more than a billboard. You should consider moving to one of those polygamist ranches down in Texas if you want to control who can and cannot put a billboard on the side of a building. I love LA!"
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