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EaterTastings: Century City's Take a Bao Bows In June, Taco Trucks Fight the Law, and Is Doughboys in Trouble?

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog.

Take A Bao via a reader submitted photo to Eater LA

CENTURY CITY: What is it about the Westfield mall in Century City that inspires bad puns for restaurant names (hello, Pink Taco)? Opening in June: Take a Bao, which hopes to emulate New York's Momofuku's take on the traditional steam bum.

BEVERLYGROVE: Eater inquires about the future of the West 3rd Street Doughboys. There's a rumor circulating retailer Madison may move into the space, which is currently undergoing a "renovation." And strange things seem to be afoot at the Highland outpost, with missing menus, cups and dishes.

LOS ANGELES: The latest fight at City Hall? Taco truck owners vs. The Man. There is a new ordinance proposed that will limit the amount of time a taco truck can park in one spot. What will happen to our beloved roach coach?