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Ask Curbed: Downtown Furnished Rental for $3,000

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Here is a very specific request from a reader wanting information on a downtown, furnished rental. If only those TenTen Wilshire Residences were ready! Who wants to chime in?

"Dear Curbed: My friend and three of her co-workers are moving out to L.A. for six months for work. Their jobs are going to be in Downtown L.A., probably in a warehouse in the Arts District, and they need a fully furnished rental for each of them somewhere in Downtown starting in about 10 days. They want to be somewhere within walking distance of a couple of cool neighborhood bars and the rooms need to be $3,000 or less per month for each room. I don't live in Downtown but I am there 3 or 4 times a week so my friend asked if I could give her recommendations on places so that she can help make sure her company does not stick her someplace lame. I don't know the rental market well because I don't live Downtown but I figured the Curbed community does and I could use their help. If you had $3,000 a month to spend on rent for a one-bedroom, where would you go?" · Ask Curbed: Do I Have A Right to Peace and Quiet? [Curbed LA]