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Architect Lautner's Harpel House Restored

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The LA Times takes a look at the completed restoration of architect John Lautner's Harpel House, located off Mulholland Drive (and in the "figurative" shadow of Lautner's Chemosphere house). Owner Mark Haddawy had his work cut out for him - the previous owners had "installed stucco walls, track lighting and aluminum window frames." Haddawy, who owns vintage clothing shop Resurrection, has made a habit of buying midcentury mod and restoring the homes. His last project was architect Pierre Koenig's 1958 Case Study House No. 21, which sold at auction for about $3.2 million, a figure which included all the furnishings and a '58 Porsche. [Pictures of the Harpel House during renovation by flickr users daleeast and geezopeez.]
· Restored: Jonathan Lautner's Harpel house [LA Times]

Harpel House

7764 Torreyson Dr., Los Angeles, CA