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New Rules For Venice's Vendors and Performers

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The LA Times has the latest on the new rules for vendors and performance artists on the Venice Beach boardwalk. There will be two zones: a "p-zone" and an "i-zone" and depending on what the vendors are offering--be it t-shirts, anti-war pamphlets or buckets of crazy--they will be designated to one of the two zones. Via the Times: "Between Memorial Day weekend and Nov. 1, free-speech performers wanting to peddle newspapers, leaflets, bumper stickers and buttons will have to obtain a permit to work in one of 105 p-zone spaces. Meanwhile, 100 i-zone spaces will be designated for individuals seeking to sell items they have created or that are "inextricably intertwined" with the message they wish to impart, according to the ordinance. For i-zone areas, permits would be required year-round." As the Times notes, many locals had deemed the city's "lottery" system of determining selling space as unfair, and non-profit group Food Not Bombs filed a federal lawsuit, claiming their First Amendment rights had been violated. Related: Local publication Spirit of Venice has a first-person account of getting ticketed on the boardwalk for selling "Peace" t-shirts. [Image via Spirit of Venice.]
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