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Redondo Beach Rezoning Brings Out Baseball Analogy

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Redondo Beach is squabbling over the future of the city, and potential rezoning and redevelopment of its harbor area. The Easy Reader reports that a four-hour meeting on Tuesday, brought out those for and against the proposed redevelopment which could bring in over 500k sq. ft. of new commercial development and public parks and bike paths. Everyone agrees that they don't want any new residential development, but disagreements still remain over the scale of development. And this is where we get the money quote (quite literally) from Redondo NIMBY Jess Money. This one is right up there with the Hong Kong Density quote from a Santa Monica NIMBY.

Slow growth activist Jess Money said the recommendations represented the reappearance of the Heart of the City and threatened another referendum. “What I think we have here is a simple situation,” Money said. “The city council equates more with better and thinks that what we’ve got now doesn’t work. We don’t know how to manage it well, so just put more in, and by some magic wave of a magic wand we get prosperity – we become a junior Manhattan Beach. It just doesn’t work that way?.I remind you of the R word: you know we have done referendums and initiatives on some other things and you guys ought to know by now we are capable. It’s like my dad said, ‘If you are going to play hardball, don’t throw anything hittable to a home run hitter.’

The next public hearing is scheduled for April 22nd.
· Contentious rezoning battle begins [Easy Reader]