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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Sony Stuff, Venice Tubes, Hollywood Neighbors and Pasadena's Orange Circle of Doom

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Thanks for the quality feedback this week. We appreciate your hard work and opinions. NOW! We present you with the answers. Please feel free to email us at if you have new questions or maybe an update on a past question. Digital pictures make us happy.

[The Superior at Venice project, as previously featured on Curbed]

1) Culver City: The commenters say Sony is building a nice gym and some offices for themselves on their campus. An emailer sends a link with a nice summary: "The 125,000 square foot 4th Avenue Building will be the new home for Sony Pictures Television and the 96,000 square foot Culver Building will serve as Sony Pictures Television International’s headquarters. The project includes an employee commons that is approximately 44,500 square feet in size, as well as a new, 1,000-vehicle parking lot, with preferred parking reserved for low emission and fuel efficient vehicles. The project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2009."

2) Venice: We're so smart, we answered the question about construction at Superior and Venice before it was ever asked. The site is being developed with Kanner Architects' "bundle of tubes" apartment complex, known as "Superior at Venice."

3) Hollywood: Opinions! Everyone's got one. A lot of you responded to the question about the state of gentrification in Hollywood and occupancy of the new lofts. You said: there are still vacancies in the new lofts around Hollywood & Vine. A lot of douchebags moved into Sunset & Vine. Foreigners are the target market for these expensive lofts. Some celebs are living in the Broadway Hollywood. Despite the naysayers, Hollywood is a great community.

4) Pasadena: The Orange Grove Circle apartments are no longer owned by Ratkovich, a representative of the company tells us. "The Ratkovich Company did own The Town Homes at Orange Grove Circle through May of 2007. We sold it to a San Diego condo developer by the name of Colrich at that time. They have made substantial changes to the project since their acquisition and are now selling the units." And via Western Real Estate Business (November 2007): "During the summer, Wayne Ratkovich sold the 64-unit low-density complex at 415 S. Orangegrove Circle in Pasadena for $32 million or $500,000 per unit. The buyer, ColRich of San Diego, proposes to convert this 1956-built complex to condominiums."