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Anyone interested in modernism in Los Angeles likely knows the name Michael LaFetra, a film producer turned serial modernist home collector. If you've been on a modernism tour by the MAK Center, LA Conservancy or some other architecture non-profit, chances are you've already traipsed through one of his houses. Now Modernism Magazine profiles the man who owns (or used to own) Schindler's How House in Silver Lake; Lautner's Stevens House in Malibu and Wolff House in West Hollywood; Kappe's Gould/LaFetra House in Brentwood; Thornton Abell's Rich House in Brentwood; and Koenig's Case Study #21 in Laurel Canyon. And there's more: LaFetra is building the last commissioned work by Pierre Koenig on the beach in Malibu. [Image of How House by Tim Street-Porter courtesy of Modernism Magazine]. [Modernism Magazine]

Case Study House #21

9038 Wonderland Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA

How House

2422 Silver Ridge Ave. , Los Angeles, CA