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Ask Curbed: Friendly Grad Student Needs Good Home

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A USC Grad student has left the confines of higher education and is now looking for some quality housing near his/her new job in the Westwood/Brentwood area (UCLA territory!). The only problem - bad credit and a small salary.

"I have a question for the community. I'm a recently graduated Grad Student and I'm looking to get out of my USC housing into a new neighborhood in LA. My top rent is $1,300 for a one bedroom, with perfect rental history, crappy credit, and a starting job that only pays me 36,000 a year, what would be the best way to find a good apartment? I'm sick of driving the streets, craigslist seems to be all scams, and west side rentals is a joke. I feel like I'm at a dead end. Property Management companies won't look at me cause of my income and credit. I feel like I'm trapped to stay at USC forever!!!! How can I get out of this area? PS, I don't want a roommate!" The questioner indicated that he/she also has a car, so commuting is an option.
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