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Storefronting: Famima Too Progressive for Long Beach?

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[Steven Alan store, now open on Robertson via Refinery29]

LONG BEACH - The Famima train has derailed in Long Beach. A reader reports on the shuttering of two of the once unstoppable mini-marts. "Not sure if you knew but two locations in LB from the Famima chain closed last week -one on 2nd street, one on Los Coyotes. It was a little too early for LB to embrace such coolness. LB just didn't get it. 5 years from now it will come back and work (like Chipolte did)." [Curbed Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - Via Refinery29 and Blackburn & Sweetzer, clothing retailer Steven Alan has opened shop on Robertson Blvd. "He describes his own in-house label as "disheveled perfection," a look that seems right at home in his new more relaxed digs." It's the first Steven Alan store outside of New York. [Refinery29]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - Today, we learned that Badgley Mischka isn't an actor on the CW. reports that B-M, the dynamic duo of women's fashion, has just opened a new 1,300 sq. ft. boutique at 8667 Sunset Blvd in Sunset Plaza. "It has a gallery feel that suits the brand, featuring 25-foot ceilings, antique wood floors, bright lighting and white walls along with brushed metal racks and display cases." []