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How Things Get Paid For: Arcadia Residents Fork Over $$$ For Street Lighting

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How many people does it take put in a lightbulb in Arcadia: When it comes to public lighting, some residents in Arcadia pay for public street lighting while others don't pay a dime, but now the city has a new plan to put to voters, according to the Star-News . The city would pay for 60 percent of the estimated $1.15 million in yearly lighting costs, and residents would pay the rest, each fee depending on how well-lit these families are. "Single family homes on lighted streets would pay the most - $25.70 a year. Homes on streets without lights would be responsible to pay $5 for the lighting on Arcadia's main roads. Those with "sporadic" lighting would pay $9.50 a year. Apartment owners would pay a smaller amount per unit." But if the voters don't vote this through, the city would pay entire bill, but officials say if that happened, other local services, like street sweeping, would suffer. [Star-News]