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By Not Permitting Billboards, City Sees Less Money, Less Ugly

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In our never-ending billboard coverage: Today's Daily News says the city may be losing out on up to $3.3 million this year because officials aren't permitting billboards even though Los Angeles has a $150 million, 20-year deal with CBS/Decaux to install 3,200 bus shelters, kiosks and mini-billboards. "I think we have enough ads plastered everywhere in public space," Councilman Jack Weiss tells the paper, which notes Weiss' Westside and South Valley district has permitted only 52 of 385 proposed street-furniture locations. And that's a bad thing? And is it us or does $3.3 million not seem like a huge amount of money? [Pictured: Two sides of a "public amenity" kiosk on Abbot Kinney Blv. and Main St. in Venice, stands that are part of the city’s street furniture contract with CBS/Decaux]
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