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Treesavers Soldier On, Hold Sit-In At Santa Monica City Hall

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Sounds like things are getting dicey in the battle over the Santa Monica ficus trees. About 60 people showed up yesterday at Santa Monica City Hall to hold a peaceful sit-in, Jerry Rubin, founder of Treesavers, tell us. He says that a few of the Treesavers are now doing a 24-hour watch for trees--with some people sitting in cars-- to watch the trees and ensure they aren't cut down. "We hope we don't have to resort to non-violent defense, where people would sit in the trees, or chain themselves to the trees," says Rubin. "That isn't what we want. " Also, the group's attorney plans to file an emergency stay of appeal of the judge's ruling last week that essentially paved the way for the trees to get cut down. More information from the Santa Monica Daily Press.