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Ugliness Rises Again: Axium Building to Expand

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Bankruptcy and lawsuits aren't stopping Axium International from expanding its ugly little empire at the intersection of Curson and Wilshire (ed note: as you may recall, Axium's headquarters was a finalist in the Curbed LA Ugliest Building Contest last year). Axium CEO John Visconti is presently seeking approval for a zone change to permit the construction of a new three-story office building adjacent to the existing Axium building on Curson Avenue. The project is currently wending its way through the City of LA. The proposed building will include two-levels of subterranean parking and a coffee shop on the ground floor. The elevations of the building we have seen leave out the important details, like windows and colors, so we're not exactly sure how ugly this building will be. Judge for yourself.

Elevation - East

Elevation - South

Site Plan