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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Aroma Bakery, Million Dollar Theater and Wild Oats Sadness

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Thank you for your participation in this week's question and answer session. If you have questions for next week, or updates, please email us without delay. We also like digital photos, but not of your cat. Although the cat in the Curbed flickr pool was nice, it was a bit off topic. Nice kitty.

[Roman's at 7373 Sunset Blvd, as seen last September in a brutal tag attack]

1) Hollywood: The question about the old Roman's sandwich place off Sunset generated a lot of responses. A reader in the neighborhood emails in: "I live in the Sunset Square neighborhood where the eyesore (and absolute worst restaurant ever) Roman’s was. According to our neighborhood newsletter, Aroma Bakery and Café will open sometime in the near future. This is fantastic news – it looks to be a Mediterranean-style café with bakery treats and good coffee – and cocktails. No actual bar area, but alcohol to be served with meals. They are currently trying to get a permit to stay open until 4am and serve drinks until midnight. And not just beer and wine, but cocktails. Yes, I'm excited." Reader Carter emails us the link to the ABC liquor application, as well.

2) Downtown: Hmm. Million Dollar Theater? Curbed editor Dakota visited the theater and spoke with the management people. All the information you could ever want about the theater is here.

3) Pasadena: What's happening with the former Wild Oats store in Pasadena? Lesley from Eater says: "I heard rumblings that they might do some sort of test store there, but that was a while ago and I haven't heard anything in awhile." And commenter Gray #14 says: "Based on first hand knowledge that is possibly outdated (I worked there about 5 years ago) the Peet's/ Wild Oats property has a private owner and is not owned by Whole Foods." We'll try to investigate further.