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Miracle Mile Construction: Know Your Developments

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The Larchmont Chronicle has published a tidy round up of all the projects cropping up on the 'old Miracle Mile, including the forthcoming The Viridian, a new apartment building--with an interesting name--that's pictured above. Since Wilshire traffic can leave the most patient Angeleno teary and hysterical, lets skip the car and walk the mile to check out what else is on the Chronicle's list, shall we?

1. The Viridian: This 60-unit apartment building at 5659 W. Eighth Street (located on the former Citibank parking lot site) will be finished in April. One and two-bedroom apartments will be available, according to the Chronicle.

2. 5550 Wilshire Blvd: Mixed-use, here we come. This will be a 163-unit condo building with 15,000 square feet of retail space. Completion: Summer 2009, according to the Chronicle.

3. Wilshire & La Brea: This one is BIG and (judging from the comments left on the site) CONTENTIOUS. A 645-unit rental building with a whopping 41,500 square feet of commercial space.

4. 5600 Wilshire: A 284-unit, mixed use project . Our favorite Asshat.

5. Desmond's: Courtesy of Legacy Partners, the historic building at 5500-5528 Wilshire Blvd. is getting a $1.5 million restoration, according to the paper. (Just $1.5 million? That seems small.)

Not pictured; we are naked and renderless. Also mentioned by the Chronicle:

6. Olympic Blvd: A 10-unit building at 948 S. Dunsmuir Ave and a nine-unit building at Burnside Ave, according to the paper.

7. 727 S. Dunsmuir: 50 artist lofts are planned.
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