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ConstructionWatch: The Village, Phase II in Tarzana

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Phase II of the Village at Tarzana is well underway, as we learned in a recent stop by the construction site near the intersection of Yolanda Ave and Ventura Blvd. It should be noted, we were yelled at by an angry Tarzanan, who stated the project is not called "Village Walk" as previously reported by most news outlets and blogs (and the project sign). It is "The Village" or "Village at Tarzana". The "Village Walk" is some sort of landscaping/hardscaping program along Ventura Blvd. Now you know. The mixed-use development will include a shiny new Whole Foods and 72-condo/townhome units. The project is described as being a lower density development than would have otherwise been permitted on the site, which seems to have kept the neighbors happy. The developer of the project, Pacific Equity Properties, was quoted about the "The Village" in a recent Daily News story. "It's not an urban feel, but who in Tarzana wants the urban feel? They want to get away from all that; that's why they're in Tarzana," said Bryan Gordon, chief executive officer of Pacific Equity Partners.