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Giant Fish Sculpture Planned For San Pedro

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An art piece that'll surely frighten away any remaining local fish, a giant fish sculpture is planned for San Pedro, reports the Daily Breeze's Donna Littlejohn. Designed by Santa Monica artist Carl Cheng, the work, a 40-foot-tall blue-fin tuna called "Ghost Fish" will be on display at the fishermen's slip and is partly a nod to the area's dwindling commercial business. Via the Breeze: "Hanging upside down from the tail like the fish caught in the old "trophy" photographs, the sculpture will be installed on pilings over water near Utro's Restaurant at Berth 73, not far from Ports O' Call Village." San Pedro already has another famous landmark, a lonely robot; maybe these two will be friends. [Image via Daily Breeze]
· SP sculpture to capture fishing life at waterfront [Daily Breeze]