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End of LA Times' Hot Property? Ruth Ryon Said To Be Leaving Paper

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It seems LA Times columnist Ruth Ryon, of Hot Property, has accepted the buyout offered under the new Sam Zell regime. LA Observed seems to think that means the end of the column. Ryon, now in her 60s (we're guessing) has long been considered the gold standard of gossip columnists, even if sites not even located in Los Angeles (like Real Estalker in NYC and Big Time Listings in Chicago) have been scooping her for some time on LA deals. As for the future of "Hot Property," Peter Viles, the blogger behind LA Land is now in charge of the entire interactive real estate section of the Times--and if the Times wants to compete (and there is no real estate gossip site/publication in Los Angeles), we suggest that Viles hire some young whippersnapper to do a blog plus the "Hot Property" column.
· Initial LAT buyout list [LAObserved]